(In)tolerable Acts / by Will Ringland


[responses to the Intolerable Acts] I trust continue to produce Effects directly contrary to those intended; will unite instead of dividing us, strengthen and make us more resolute instead of intimidating us.
Benjamin Franklin in a letter to James Bowdoin in response to discussion of colonial response to the Intolerable Acts.

I think cold showers extend the length of a month as one's body rebels against the discomfort of it. It's like your brain slowing down stressful/scary experiences except that doing it every morning leaves the rest of the day feeling a little slower. I mean that in a good way here rather than a traumatic way after having spent a month taking cold showers.

From my starting point, which was June 27th, I took 451 cold showers. For the savvy calculators out there, that's more than 1 a day. I took a few evening/afternoon cold showers after gym trips or yard work days.

Not all the cold showers were as long as others and some started out as normal showers. All ended cold, though2. I think I'm going to continue the practice for a while yet as, at a minimum, it keeps me thinking about Resolve every morning. The physical jolt and the internal questioning keeps it top of mind. I don't expect this is going to make me Mr. Resolute - much of Resolve's success depends upon choices made when organizing your day (which is the active Order part of my Virtue routine) - but it at least reminds me to do the things I've committed to. Even if I've only committed to myself.

Maybe especially because I committed it to myself? Being resolute in the face of opposition, even opposition generated from some internal resistance chucking tea into an otherwise serene resevoir, helps me grow more mentally stalwart.

I think I made my core self the British in this rather weak historical metaphor...

  1. I need a way to extend my daily tracking stuff to include short term goals like this. The app I downloaded to track it didn't work - I didn't always remember to start the timer in the app and the back dating feature kept crashing.

  2. Also the "what the hell am I doing" moment of doubt....

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