I made a little thing / by Will Ringland

Little nudges can make a difference, a big difference in staying on track with our Virtues. So long as they aren't over-bearing.

Like, one time I tried to have all of my virtues appear in my task manager. I set them to be daily tasks that appeared at the top of my list for the day. Because I'm prone to over-engineering things a stickler for my To Do list at work, I'd have to constantly scroll to see the things needing doing that day. It became a pain.

So I made a tablet/cell phone background so I'll see it every time I unlock my devices.

Virtuuueeesss Innnnnn Spaaaaaaceeeeee

Virtuuueeesss Innnnnn Spaaaaaaceeeeee

Little, unobtrusive things help us inch closer to betterment.  Please grab it if you think it will help!


Also!  If you have a different Virtue set, I'd be thrilled to swap out my Virtue list for yours and post it here too.  Just send me some feedback in the handy-dandy quick form at the right of your desktop monitor and larger tablet, or at the bottom of this post for smaller devices.