A little bit behind the veil / by Will Ringland


Humility is embracing the messiness of process. I've started editing a big project in earnest this weekend and it is.... intimidating

Here is a capture of one page:


First drafts are supposed to be rough. The rougher the better because you're really just trying to get everything onto paper the first way through. It's just that then you have to read it and not hate it enough that you don't cheuck it and start fresh.

Confronting a first draft is quite the exercise in humility

Well... The whole process is humbling, especially when you're writing non-fiction because accuracy matters. While I have some evidence as well as personal interpretation/meaning to back up my assertions, I never feel like there's Enough.

I've talked about "enough" before but still have no specific marker for "enough". Right now, "enough" feels like covering the entire text with red pen. Which is just my insecurity talking.

Have you had success with editing any larger writing projects or just have a better sense of when you're editing the right amount? I could use the tips!