A Newsletter, an Almanack, a fun way to Virtue / by Will Ringland

I'm on a quest. I want you to understand that because I want to bring you along with me on it for both our benefit

I have crafted much of my current trajectory at work, at home, and with Wrestling with Franklin to accomplish one specific thing - more freedom. The events of the past year have highlighted for me, starkly, how short a time we have in Earth and how abruptly it can end. It is driving me to do more to life a freer, more useful life.

What is Freedom

I do not want to work as much as I am for someone that is not me nor work on things that do not give me life. My father worked at job he hated literally up until the week he died. Every time he visited, we'd discuss the new way his employer was reminding him he could be fired any day. how replacable he was, how much he owed them for keeping him around. He hated it. I hated it. It was awful but I couldn't convince him to leave for reasons I will never really understand.

I refuse to allow that to be my life

First, let me acknowledge that I have a pretty good work life right now. I rather enjoy my job. I work with incredible people. I am recognized for my contributions. I work on meaningful thing and am paid pretty well for it.

I just... do not want to work there forever. I don't even know if I want to keep working there a year from now. I do know that I'm in a place where I can build for myself a very different life and be able to absorb any of the consequences.

My long term goal is to build a future untethered to a paricular employer, one that allows me freedom of location and time. I want spend more time enjoying my life for as much of it as I have left while continuing to build things to put into the world.

Virtuous freedom


I have many ideas and a path forward planned for about the next three years. The very high level overview is something like this:

  1. Build Audience at WWF
  2. Make very cool things for that audience
  3. Move to a small cabin in the woods with wifi
  4. Keep making awesome things

The road to 3 and 4 is... long and not in a very visible way. It is, essentially, trying to find what Kevin Kelly calls my "1000 true fans". These are the people that care about what I do enough that I could build a thriving business off of it. The people that would buy books, memberships, courses, or what ever myriad things I want to create to keep me going.

Virtuous engagement

Today, I'm doubling down on producing useful things to you, one that comes with a committment on my end with a regular deadline.

Poor Willam's Almanack


I have a created a Newsletter and you can sign up here or click on Newsletter at the top of this page. It'll take you to my landing page which explains the value proposition. In short, you sign up and I send you a newsletter every Sunday about my previous week Wrestling with Franklin and my virtue project.

Along with the weekly grid, you'll get why I marked which virtues as failures along with ways I can try to be better. I'll also include links to intersting articles I've read recently, because I try to immerse myself in this stuff, that you may find helpful in your own Virtue Project. And maybe the occasional other thing like tools or tips for things I use to make my days a little easier.

Virtuous communication

Plus, it opens a line of communication between us. This stuff ain't easy and I have the data to prove it. So why not use my experience? We can connect and taslk and start community building. These sorts of things are always easier when you have someone to lean on.

Down the line, I will use the list to bounce ideas off of for things to do or create or build for us to use. You can guide me on my path both to Virtue and Freedom so that we both get something out of it. Why build things no one wants?

Rest assured that I am not going to hobble this page in the interest of getting you to sign up. Nor will I do nothing but pitch you to buy things on it That's a shitty experience for all of us. I want to produce useful things, want to genuinely engage with you, and I don't want to hold you captive for anything.

If you're not getting anything out of Wrestling with Franklin, you do not have to stay. And of the content of the newsletter does little extra, you can unsubscribe.

I'll keep thinking and analyzing and working to be as useful here as I can. So let us walk together?