I think I’d call writing a book a good test of Resolve by Will Ringland

It took about 54 weeks, but I’ve finished writing my book and have completed the first revision. I’ve started looking for editors and maybe a publisher. The trouble is really that I have a particular goal for when I publish that I am uncertain I can achieve right now. I want the publication of this book to lead to more. My long term goal is to be able to live solely off writing. To do that, I need a consistent audience willing to buy this things I produce or a sufficient enough popularity to gain decent sized writing contracts.

I see two paths to this goal

Traditional publisher.

I think what I have is interesting enough to entice a traditional publisher. It will require editing, sure, but the right publisher would already have the audience available to buy the book. It would likely be faster too.

Self publishing

This could certainly work and there are ways to do it that don’t require great up front cost. But, to self publish and be successful, I still need an audience. I do, certainly, have some folks reading here regularly but I’m not sure the book would really lead to anything.

I do have a consistent readership and I appreciate you, it’s not going to be possible to parley this into a full writing gig. And I do it have anything compelling enough that I could get a decent publishing contract.

I have a secret weapon though

I do, however have gumption. I’ve been building the focus for exactly this kind if project through out this entire Virtue project so I’m ready to play a very long game.

So! I’m going to restart writing here and will continue the newsletter, which I especially enjoy, and work on total world domination.

Oh, and now? Newsletter subscribers receive the first two chapters of my book. So, if you want a peek at that, click here to sign up!

(In)tolerable Acts by Will Ringland

[in response to the Intolerable Acts] I trust continue to produce Effects directly contrary to those intended; will unite instead of dividing us, strengthen and make us more resolute instead of intimidating us.

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