List of Virtues

Franklin's virtue are a good place to start but, as I move through them myself, I adjust and update them according to how my desires and goals.

Below are my edicts for each virtue and the initial discussion for how I arrived at each.


December 28th - January 3rd

Source entry.

  1. no alcohol on an empty stomach
  2. and no more than one, measured drink (4oz wine or 1oz whisky or 3oz port)
  3. stop eating before feeling full


January 4th - January 10th

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  1. Listen to understand in all interaction..
  2. Speak less; do not seek to fill the silence
  3. Do not derogate, gossip, or villify others for my own satisfaction.


January 11th - January 17rd

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  1. Clean rooms as you leave them.
  2. Maintain and keep sorted your Bunny Rope processed materials.


January 18th - January 24th

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  1. Complete the tasks you lay out for yourself in the day.
  2. Make promises you can keep and do your utmost to keep them.


January 25th - February 1st

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  1. Define the need for each little expense - is the benefit greater than the expense?
  2. Before you buy something, consider existing tools to accomplish the task. If this one offers no benefit, in time or ease of use, is it worth it?
  3. Save first.


February 1st - February 7th

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  1. Be engaged in what you're doing.
  2. Reduce wasteful time beyond what is refreshing and relaxing.


February 8th - February 14th

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  1. Be honest in thought, speech, and deed.
  2. Believe that people speak and act in their best interest.
  3. Where speech or action seems unjust, seek to understand motivation including your own.


February 15th - February 21st

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  1. Understand that equality is not necessarily justice.
  2. Recognize the abilities and contributions of people to a given situation.
  3. Act justly according to circumstance and try to help others understand.


February 22nd - February 28th

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  1. Avoid excess in thought and deed.
  2. Do not hold grudges nor belief of malign intent.


March 1st - March 7th

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  1. Shower and prepare every day.
  2. Keep your space around clean and tidy.
  3. Leave the world a little cleaner than when you started.


March 8th - March 14th

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  1. Be not disturbed by trifles.
  2. Step away when upset and breathe.


March 15th - March 21th

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  1. Be honest and aware in your desire.
  2. Be direct in expressing you love.
  3. Do not fear your sex and sexuality.


March 22th - March 28th

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  1. Recognize your true value.
  2. Be not boastful.
  3. Recognize self-aggrandizemnet and minimize it.