Poor William's Almanack - week of 4/23 / by Will Ringland

I'm left with a sense that the week could have gone better but wasn't too bad. A couple of things got me, though.

April 23-29

Focus Virtue

This went very well. I did have an Irish coffee one morning this week and a beer on the patio -because I am in abject denial about the weather still being cold. But both were reasonable and didn't lead to any cravings.

Virtue Week

I've been having a heck of time sleeping in the last month. Stress at work, allergy, and asthma problems are causing some panic issues that manifest when I go to bed. Sunday night, it was especially bad. Below is my sleep graph. You can see all the interruptions.

This lead to terrible focus for Monday and a good piece of the week. So Monday was a a bad day for Order, Resolve, Industry.

Frugality: I spend way too much frivolous money and can be very lazy with dinners. Though I have systems set up to ensure that I'm saving money even before my pay check appears in my bank account, I really could be doing better. My wife and I ate out quite a bit this week as we got back from vacation abroad. The house was ill-stocked and we didn't get to the grocery store until Saturday. So mostly eating out.

Tranquility: I'm not sure if I'm just over-aware of general calmness but I know when I'm not sleeping well over days, I can be irritable. I had a grumpy week and was internally dry angry with the outside world. I am pleased that I was aware enough not to lash out at anyone but it did lead to associated failures on things like sincerity wherein I would dodge the "how are you" question. I don't want to talk about being surly because then I get surly-er.

Things I read on the internet related to Virtue, Self-Improvement, and Character.
13 Habits of Humble People - Jeff Boss writing for Forbes

"To be humble is not to think less of oneself, but to think of oneself less."

I have been reading on humility frequently lately. I have several half-rotting articles on it but still don't feel like I have a good grasp on it. This article has some useful direction on behaviors, they aren't really Habits but people like to click on articles with Habit in the title, humble people exhibit that could be useful to try.

7 Ways To Tell If You're A Truly Humble Person - Lindsay Holmes writing for Huffington Post

"Humble people have the ability to shine in professional settings because they give credit where it is due and are open to collaboration. And while the workplace tends to recognize self-promoters over their more modest counterparts, humility actually makes people better employees and bosses"

I especially like application of Virtues. As a manager at work, anything I can do to be more useful for my team members is net positive for literally everything I care about - work quality, team happiness, productivity, company health.

Theme: Both of these articles mention service as a key trait to humble people. People who serve give of themselves for the benefit of others. I certainly hold this true as a manager. But I wonder if I could be doing more to serve others?

Your Week

How was your week? Did you have a particularly virtuous week that you'd like to talk about? I like hear from you on your success. It can serve to inform others in how we pursue our best selves.